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Dr Mel Ganus, EdD, MBA, ADD
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Working with Dr Mel

  • Struggling to finish school? 
  • Overwhelmed by your To Do lists? 
  • Stressed out about your time and money? 

We can help!

Hi! I’m Dr Mel Ganus, EdD, MBA, ADD. I'm ready to be your coach, project manager, and person you can reach out to anytime. I work with a team of other experts, editors and problem solvers. Together, we can help you through the maze of obstacles between you and that diploma you want.

We believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. We offer creative problem solving on-demand.

It all starts with a conversation about what you need.
  • Two women having a conversation. Woman on the left has a pen on a notepad. The woman on the right has a open laptop, while looking at the other person.
    We'll talk about your goals and your current status.

  • A group of students, three women and one man are sitting around the table smiling and talking while facing a laptop.
    We'll talk about your options and support resources available.
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    Then we can come up with a plan, timelines, and a budget you can afford.

You can connect with me now while you’re thinking about it!

No risk - our first 30 minute conversation is my gift to you. 

Text or call: 425-466-7704


You've already made it this far! 

What if all you need is some guidance?

We can help!

Thoughts and ideas from Dr Mel
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